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Architecture of Hope - the Resurrection

Today I felt inspired to write a poem but I was unsure about what the subject matter should be. On my walk from my home up to the local...

What is a Jew? ROMANS 2:28-29

From my perspective a Jew is open for debate - I refer to myself as a spiritual Jew. My spiritual leader Yeshua was born from Jewish...

Reading the Bible daily keeps you humble

Bible reading keeps you humble. The more I study the Bible deeply, the more I become cognizant of how much more there is to learn. I set...


PRESUMPTION OF INNOCENCE I await with sadness the verdict in the US legal system about a police officer being tried for murder of George...

False Prophets and Visionaries Condemned

Before I started the prophetic book of Ezekiel - I thought I would struggle to connect with the the prophet's style of writing. Mindset...


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