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What is a Jew? ROMANS 2:28-29

From my perspective a Jew is open for debate - I refer to myself as a spiritual Jew. My spiritual leader Yeshua was born from Jewish...


Illustrated NIV HOLY BIBLE - with large margins - perfect for deep Bible scholars notes and reflections As a creativez - I love arty...

Happy Heterosexual Singleton!

Every day I wake up happy to be single among a world of middle aged people, many miserable in their marriages and partnerships. What I...

Happy! Happier! Happiest!

Having spent years nurturing my inner child and self help books, therapy and natural living - I have arrived at HAPPIEST! After all the...

Avoid Toxic People

In order to live happy, productive lives, we must release toxic people from our lives and social circles. Whilst it may not be possible...


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