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My Fantasy Dinner Guests x 14

Elon Musk Einstein Bob Marley The Prophet Daniel Marcus Garvey Spike Lee Denzel Washington Yuval Noah Harrai Joe Sample Grover Washington...

Music Therapy

Lock-down is a perfect way to re-connect with music and discover/rediscover world music. In reflecting on my eclectic taste - I got to...

Thank you HRHs

Thank you for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge for their kind 'Thank You' Note from their private office. Thank you for Duke & Duchess of...


Dear all As a fan of buying old antique jewellery for myself for decades - I have found that rather than throwing away old bits of broken...


Illustrated NIV HOLY BIBLE - with large margins - perfect for deep Bible scholars notes and reflections As a creativez - I love arty...

Beware of Religious Misleaders!

The Blind Religious Misleaders Leading the Blind - NO EXCUSES As a 50 year old - I come to appreciate that finding out what is accurate...

What is Agitprop?

As I leafed through Today's digital edition of the FT (1/3/2021) - I came across an article about the Chinese 'dissident' (not my...


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