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Happy Heterosexual Singleton!

Every day I wake up happy to be single among a world of middle aged people, many miserable in their marriages and partnerships. What I...

Yahweh - God's True Name not Jehovah!

December 2020, I decided to go back to basics with the Bible - studying the Bible more deeply than I have ever done before. I grew up...

There will be a Resurrection - ACTS 24:15

Prophetic Application of the Resurrection Yet to Come The resurrection so beautifully described in scripture is either to heaven - by...

Happy! Happier! Happiest!

Having spent years nurturing my inner child and self help books, therapy and natural living - I have arrived at HAPPIEST! After all the...

Deepfakes and Fake Audio - Beware

Beware of the latest weapon in the hands of criminals and 'bent' police officers intent on obtaining a conviction at any price, even at...

Avoid Toxic People

In order to live happy, productive lives, we must release toxic people from our lives and social circles. Whilst it may not be possible...

Cyborg soldiers - what next? CBN News

The USA, China and France as well as other countries are seeking to create super soldiers - cyborgs - a mixture between humans and...


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