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Francesca Darien-Hyde LLB MA

What's in a name? Francesca - means 'freewoman', 'freespirited'. Darien - means 'gift'. Hyde - a person living on a hide of land. Names...

Emancipate ourselves from mental slavery!

To paraphrase two great orators - we must all remove the kinks from our mind and not from our hair, and emancipate ourselves from mental...

Great Calligrapher - Thoufeek Zakriya

Thank you for your gracious message and the wonderful art work you perform for the delight of so many of your fans - am now definitely a...

Film recommendation - Sylvie's Love 2020 Firstly, I must admit, I rarely watch films - but when I do I love the old fashioned films which...


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Francesca Darien-Hyde LLB MA

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