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A Call to Prayer - an essential part Spiritual Warfare Armoury!

Having taken two months to read and research the Pentateuch. the first 5 books of the Old Testament Bible, I will share with you some of the valuable insights I have gained.

Lessons from the Pentateuch

Each verse in the Bible can be likened to a universe of knowledge and wisdom.

Here 5 short lessons I have learnt from re-examining these books.

Lesson 1


God's people were scapegoated early on in their history, that applied to individuals and also to the nation of Israel and those who joined the nation.

Scapegoating is not a modern phenomena, it has been with us for centuries. The first official recognition of the concept can be seen from the Jewish celebration of the Day of Atonement - where the sins of the nation are pronounced upon a goat of Azazael, scapegoat before it is sent off in the wilderness - LEVICITUS 16.

If you have ever been scapegoated within your family, friendship group, community or at your place of employment - you will recognise that it is an uncomfortable feeling. However many scapegoats hold more power than they realise. When we are scapegoated, we have an opportunity to become more powerful The most powerful scapegoat in human history was Yeshua or Jesus or Isa, depending on whether you read the Torah or the Bible or the Qu'ran.

It was his destiny to be scapegoated and mistreated, however he ascended to heaven to sit beside the right hand of God Almighty and was elevated to Archangel, and King of the Theocratic Universal Government, that will one day set all mankind free from the bonds of sin, death and oppression for eternity.

Lesson 2

Love Triangles. Drama Triangles, Empowerment Triangles

The above are all examples of ancient old psychological phenomena. One of the most famous love triangles occurred between Abraham, his wife Sarai and his mistress Hagar.

Sarai, being barren, suggests that Abraham take Hagar as a mistress and bear a child with her, which Sarah would then bring up as her own (early form of surrogacy).

Hagar was loved by Abraham and so too was their son Ishmael, however, Hagar was despised by Sarai, who was clearly jealous of Hagar's ability to conceive and mistreated Hagar. Eventually Hagar and son fled into the wilderness and God's angel heard Hagar's tears from heaven and advised them to return home with a blessing.

Meditating on this Bible account opened my eyes to how one psychological triangle (beit the love, drama or empowerment triangle), can give birth to other triangles. In the situation of Abraham, Sarai and Hagar the Drama Triangle (Karpman). (where a person or group of people play either or the following roles - Persecutor, Rescuer and Victim) is played in chapter 16 GENESIS. Having studied Transactional Analysis, I was cognizant that for each role played the player receives some kind of payoff or compensation which sometimes keeps them locked into that role. That is until they become proactive and switch their mindset to the Empowerment Triangle, (David Emerald) mindset of becoming their own Creator, Coach and Challenger and triumphing over the situation.

Lesson 3

Avoid Toxicity - Avoid those who gossip, slander and spread misinformation, disinformation and malinformation.

All forms of inaccurate information can be damaging to individuals, friendships, families, communities, nations. Just look at the damage and toll that trolls, defamation, slander, state sponsored propaganda inflict in the world.

Be determined not to among those spreading inaccurate information whether orally or in print, via email, letters, text messages etc.


Lesson 4

The dangers of Spiritism

Films. books, music, subliminal messages, witchcraft, fortune tellers, spirit medium. spiritistic gurus, exercises that are originate in polytheistic ideologies (yoga), some new age practises, wiccanary, idolatry etc all have their origins either in the supernatural or are influenced by the supernatural.

All forms of spiritism are condemned by the Creator - not the people, I hasten to add but the practices, this offers hope of redemption for any who are unwittingly influenced by spiritism or who actively engage in spiritism.


Lesson 5

Remember that a setback is just preparation for a comeback

Joseph went from highly favoured son, hated by half siblings, sold into slavery, trafficked to slave traders and eventually into the home of Pharoah's employee. There false allegations were made against Joseph, who was scapegoated, when he refused to commit immorality with his employer's wife - GENESIS 39. That huge setback lasted 13 years, almost a lifetime for the 17 year old teenager whose name was Joseph, until the true God chose the time for him to make a spectacular comeback. From prisoner to 2nd in command in the Pharoah's palace, Eventually Joseph's position paved the saving of the nations inhabitants when the 7 year famine occurred and he had wisely made provisions for all.

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