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A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand - Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, a thriving economy. Lots of legislative measures to endeavour to ensure transparency up to a point. Radical reforms to encourage the business elite to invest in the country. A partnership of convenience with the United States of America. In recent years over 300 of the princes, nobility and business elites were detained, (restricted movement, assets frozen, imprisonment for some), until they had 'paid their dues', financially speaking, some remain in prison.

I have often wondered how the gospel's message will seek out those sheep-like ones - those Yahweh considers as 'my people' who are currently held captive spiritually to false religion.

Whether before, during or after the great tribulation - many of the Saudi's will respond to the gospel, remains to be seen. We cannot assume if we see a man or woman in traditional Saudi dress, long robes, modest dressing, that they are automatically of the Islamic religion. There are many who have converted to Christianity but have to live discreetly in regards to their faith until they are able to live openly.

The prophets Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Jeremiah - all called to their roles of Prophet-hood by Yahweh, all of them were called to the challenge of providing spiritual guidance to monarchs and the exiled people. In every country, God's chosen ones, sigh and groan over the sad events in the world, we are citizens not of this world, but of God's kingdom.

Observers have no way of knowing who is chosen by Yeshua until the time of the harvest. Although the harvest time has arrived, it is not yet completed. The groundwork is being laid for the gospel to reach those in the Middle East.

In Iran, Christianity is reportedly the fastest growing religion, despite the opposition towards those that proselytise. Christians can remain hopeful and confident that in God's due time, the gospel message will reach those in Saudi Arabia and the entire Middle East, those who will inherit salvation.

I remain prayerful that the upcoming World Cup 2022 in Qatar will encourage an influx of Christians who will discreetly proselytise to others, as foreigners are sometimes treated differently. At the same time, no wishing to be naive, there are many preachers who have gone out to the Middle East and then have been imprisoned for proselytising. So will the World Cup, the first held in the Middle East, provide an opportunity for the spreading of the gospel - I encourage all to keep this matter in prayer, the most powerful means of communication to God Almighty, the father of all nations.

Whilst I remain neutral, about the motives behind certain policies, for who can know the mind of the monarchs and lawmakers, unless you are part of that inner circle. I do believe that Yahweh has a plan for the Middle East and prayerful patience is needed.

The Qur'an encourages respect for the words of Isa/Yeshua/Jesus - the prophet. The Prophet is not going to forsake God's people in the Middle East - he loves them too much. Be assured the people of the Middle East are loved by Isa and Yahweh.

Surah 1 - God (Yahweh) is merciful.

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