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A Prayerful President - What we can learn

Prayerful political leaders. rulers. monarchs

Opening the Digital FT this morning, I was surprised to read that President Biden had prayed about the outcome of a murder trial in Minneapolis. It reminded me of when the priests in Israel wanted to determine a person's guilt or innocence they would use consult the Urim and the Thumin. These were ancient pebbles/stones which were transparent and it was believed that God Almighty Yahweh guided the verdict.

I have never seen any the footage of the last moments of Mr Floyd's life, I do not watch television. nor do I read salacious newspapers. I take the judicious measured approach of reading the Financial Times and taking the legal perspective, that a person is presumed innocent until proved otherwise.

MATTHEW 7:1-4 Do not judge, lest you be judged in a similar manner. When called upon to be part of a team that reaches a conclusion in any trial, whether civil or criminal, or tribunal, one should wait until one hears all of the presented evidence before reaching a measured conclusion. Prayer of course is essential. Godly people would not want to convict an innocent.

The President is now prepared to advance new legislation to improve justice for all. In a world controlled by Satan, this is a praiseworthy endeavour, but no legal system is foolproof.

I speak from personal experience when I say - I know what is feels like to be falsely accused and I am cognizant that God will judge those adversely who have made false accusations against me. I have no respect for the officials, I have no respect for the slandering community, the slandering family, the slandering, neighbours. Treat others how you would like to be treated. I despise falsehood.

My family are inherently dishonest - as an owner of a property, a business, and other property investments, the jealous family members, small minority,. the jealous neighbours, the jealous ex church members, etc etc etc made my life hell just because they coveted what belonged to me.

Covetousness is against God's law. They dishonour the true God Almighty Yahweh when they covet what does not belong to them.

In Elijah's day - wicked Queen Jezebel coveted a property that belonged to a humble servant of Yahweh, Naboth. Jezebel tried to force Naboth to sell his property. He refused so false accusations were made against him. He was discredited and then killed - 1 KINGS 21.

I have also been in Naboth's position - I still am. The wicked community in the United Kingdom, tried to get my property from me, when I refused. they fabricated false allegations. they discredited my reputation. they stole my business items. they even killed my faith in my former religion.

It has taken me 4 months to find the true religion - since I started reading my NIV Bible, I purchased from Amazon in January 2021. I emptied my mind of all pre=conceived ideas that I had been taught and read over half the Bible in 3 months. I experienced major paradigm shifts and I am now happier that the true religion is found in the Bible, that God's true name is Yahweh, and that he demands not a showy extravagant worship and lifestyle, but one of humility.

Totally rejecting the immoral lifestyles, materialistic lifestyles, idolatrous self worship and worship of men rather than God. I see clearly why Judaism. in its purest form is to be respected and that my faith is simply an extension of Judaism. So when people ask me what my faith is - I simply reply that it is non denominational. and that I consider myself a spiritual Jew. In other words I follow the religion set down by the greatest Jew that have ever lived Yeshua.

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