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Architecture of Hope - the Resurrection

Today I felt inspired to write a poem but I was unsure about what the subject matter should be.

On my walk from my home up to the local pond, church and cemetery I felt inspired to write a poem for the fallen soldiers and civilians.

Reading the memorial to the civilians and soldiers of world war one 1914-1918 I composed this short poem...

Visiting Sanderstead All Saints Cemetery today

Sun shinning down on the righteous and the unrighteous

Resurrection looms near

Gleaming headstone silently proclaim loves yesteryears

Simbosis between clay and soil

Miracles yet to behold

All hopes dependent on Yeshua's call

Listen out all ye valiant soldiers

God longs for the works of his hands

Future restoration guaranteed

Paradise lost paradise regained

Welcoming back those fallen asleep

Former soldierly deeds remembered no more

Yahweh has washed clean the slate

You sit hugging fallen comrades, fallen former enemies

All hate, national boundaries dissipate.

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