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Cancel Culture - was applied against God's prophet Jeremiah 18:18

The Bible's message of worshipping one God Almighty and adhering to his moral standards became affected by the cancel culture of the religious misleaders. JEREMIAH 18:18 says clearly of the priests - let us attack him (Jeremiah) with our tounges and pay no attention to anything he (Jeremiah) says. Weaponising their words against God's prophet only brought them Yahweh's disapproval and wrath and it will be a similar outcome at the great tribulation and beyond. A famine for the word of God will occur, when false religion is destroyed. Only those with wisdom from heaven will continue to thrive inspite of the world's cold conditions. Let's be resolved to remain firm in the faith!

The cancel culture, today affects individuals and businesses. Mean spirited men, women and children, hunt in packs of wolves - devouring others and seeking to ruin their reputations, even silencing or restricting their message - however Jeremiah's forehead was strengthened by God so that he became super resilient. We will also have to develop a super resilience in order to continue preaching and to win the war against our unseen enemies in the invisible realms - EPHESIANS 6:12-13.

Interesting secular article written in the New York Times - 10th April 2021


I read all kinds of articles but remain neutral in politics - so this well written article does not necessarily reflect my personal views - DISCLAIMER.

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