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Cancel Culture? What's it all about? Locking horns? Censorship?

Cancel Culture - the latest colloquial expression which amounts to a form of censorship or boycott of an individual or business if what they say or do is deemed 'offensive' to a political group who have an axe to grind or who just want to restrict freedom of speech. As a 50 year old, I feel that I have earned my stripes and have a valid opinion for those who wish to hear it.

Christians are certainly in the hot seat at the moment - as victims of the cancel culture.

Deeply devout celebrities, sports stars, musicians, politicians, leaders of churches and now authors who criticise alternative lifestyles.

ROMANS 1 - the entire chapter equates to a damning portrayal of the lax moral standards of the secular world that has either given up on the gospel or alleges to be followers of Christ, but their lifestyles reveal the opposite is true.

One church leader was so concerned about how the Bible's standards are shunted to the side, blatantly ignored, whilst standards of lawlessness are deemed as acceptable and even supposedly done in the name of the Messiah.

Prayers said by the lawless ones who broke into the United States Capitol, building, early January 2021, and started saying prayers - absolute blasphemous behaviour. There is no way that behaviour would ever be endorsed by Christ.

The world is broken and in desperate need of a Messiah!

It would appear that social media has more influence over ordinary people than the Bible - what has the world come to???

Cancel culture is clearly a means of control and at times is a means of restricting trade and inhibiting a business or an individual trade normally. That in and of itself is illegal.

How all of this will pan out and how it will be affected by the 'mark of the beast - 666', identified in REVELATION 13:18 is yet to be seen. The internet is full of conspiracy theories and speculations about what this 'mark' may or may not represent. A wise man once said - let scripture interpret scripture - and it is clear if you follow this rule - a 'mark', such as the one decreed on by God to Cain (GENESIS 4) and to all those worthy of survival in the days of Ezekiel, (EZEKIEL 9) the 'mark' is not a visible one, it is symbolic and indicates one's favour or disfavour with God.

In future when all of earth's inhabitants will receive the 'mark of the beast' - it too is clearly symbolic. Receiving the mark in the fore head and or hand denotes a submission to the world rulerships alienated from God, the mark on the forehead - denotes cognitive submission and or allegiance, the mark on the hand denotes a willingness to do business according to the powers that be and a pattern of behaviour that will restrict or enhance one's opportunities to engage in trade, to travel freely, and may in future affect on an individual's access to the basic necessities of life.

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