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Celebrating Memorial of Christ's Death/Passover/Pesach

This weekend millions will be celebrating and commemorating the Exodus from Egypt, when Yahweh delivered his people from enslavement and oppression.

Whether we observe or are partakers of the Memorial emblems, wine and unleavened bread, we are cognizant of Yahweh's love and his son, Yeshua's sacrificial love for mankind.

For God loved the world so much that He, Yahweh, gave his only begotten son, Yeshua, so that all may attain to everlasting life through Yeshua - JOHN 3:16.

This weekend, Christians, Jews and others will come together and celebrate Yeshua as their saviour. That takes humility and a willingness to follow a disciplined way of life.

EXODUS 11-12, 14 - Explains the reasons behind the Passover over 3500 years ago, when the angel of Yahweh, passed over the houses of those who were faithful to Yahweh and put the blood of the lamb on the doorpost, as a mark of faith which led to their survival.

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