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Interesting series of coincidences

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I was listening to a CBN Christian Broadcast - which I can highly recommend to Christians and non Christians equally, about the need to pray for the persecuted which included Christians, Muslims and in Myanmar, China, North Korea, Iran etc and Jews persecuted within their various homelands. I had been praying earnestly for some of these individuals when I received a 'Thank You' from a website connected to the Iranian Christians and good news that the Eritreans I, and many thousands had been praying for had been released.

At the beginning of the week, I took a long walk up the hill and posted some mail. Whilst out, I purchased a carton of Oatly, a Swedish vegan milk alternative, that I have been drinking and cooking with for years and years. The day after purchasing. I opened the Financial Times and to my delight to US entrepreneur Billionaires had expressed interest in purchasing shares in Oatly. Nothing unusual in that you may say. I had previously sent these two entrepreneurs encouraging messages and explained how much they had influenced me to not listen to those around us who delight in putting you down and crushing your dreams. Never listen to dream crushers they will never inspire - #PharrellWilliams#Entrepreneur#JAYZ

A few months ago, I was inspired to write a small book about why mediating on some of the angelic conversations that have occurred between humans and angels are so encouraging and therapeutic for us living in the 21st century. I wrote and published 'Angelic Conversations', was published last year and hoped that the sentiments in the book might encourage readers. Last Saturday I opened up the Financial Times Newspaper, and to my consternation, there was a lovely short article written by a gentleman making reference to the wilderness conversations and angelic support given to Hagar, the mistress of Abraham and Elijah the unconventional prophet. Metaphorically, I see the Covid-19 pandemic as a wilderness opportunity to learn while in isolation and grow in our devotion to our Creator. Interestingly, many millions around the world have experienced a spiritual awakening during this time of isolation/wilderness experience. Isolation or opportunity - you decide. From my perspective, I see it as a fantastic opportunity -


A couple of years ago, I spent time lamenting on the genre of films that were palatable for a devout believer who shuns gratuitous violence, immorality and spiritism. I had experienced this internal dilemma because in the past I have watched such films and was had even stayed up on Oscars night to will on, along with many millions, Spike Lee and Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga for their work. Spike was at the top of my list for decades ever since I watched his movie 30 years ago - Do the Right Thing. Being unconventional and spiritual and a bit eccentric - I willed the colour scheme to include Purple, Blue, Orange, Black and White - unusual, because I am an advocate of colour therapy and vibrational aura. Purple is deemed to signify spirituality. visionary, and creativity in people - all of which I see in Spike. I felt that Bradley Cooper's directorial debut was excellent. They both came away with awards and I was pleased. I later willed Spike to be interviewed by the Financial Times - my wish came to pass. It may not seem such a big deal for many - but as a person of colour, it is a big deal to see people of colour being represented in the Financial Times, the classiest newspaper in Britain. To see people of colour and others acknowledged and celebrated for their achievements is significant.

Denzel Washington: ‘We need spiritual callisthenics’. Recently another one of my favourite directors enjoyed that recognition - FT article 23 January 2021 'We need spiritual callisthenics' - Denzel Washington. His motivational speeches on Youtube inspired me to write two short books, picture books for those incapacitated by ill health or through imprisonment. All that glitters is not gold. Like many people of colour, some who have gone to achieve came from the school of hard knocks and had grown up watching others fail to overcome adversity whilst we have been blessed with certain opportunities. Not because we are any better than anyone else but simply because we may have been fulfilling our god given destiny. I encourage you all - find your path - fulfill your destiny - 1 JOHN 3:2. Simply put - we are children of God and what we are yet to become has not been made known yet .... Denzel Washington's wise words of encourage to all who will face trials and tribulations now and in the future is that if we have to fall, fall forward.

A few years ago, I watched Robert Glasper, Jazz/HipHop master, and his band perform over Youtube and willed him to come to London to play the particular album that I had fallen in love with. Two years later my wish was answered and I attended the concert. Last week Glasper's band was given 5 stars out 5 stars in the jazz review section of the FT, a rare phenomena. Congratulations to them.

Jose James, a Jazz/HopHop artist whose music and lyrics I adore, played a Billie Holiday in the US. I had some of his albums but really wanted him to sing the Billie Holiday tribute. year or so later, he bought out a Billie Holiday tribute album and then performed at Ronnie Scotts and it was a great evening.

I have an aversion to social media, because of the all the fake news and fake posturing of celebrities and celebrity clones! I love authentic people - so I am not anti fame or anti people that are famous - I just dislike the fake world which is created by PR people that pretends that celebs live perfect lives. Those who try to imitate such ones, including many young people end up feeling empty. Coming back to why I love Jazz music and Classical music is that although some of them may become famous they tend to be more grounded than say your pop stars because they inhabit a different orbit. Having met a few jazz musicians and singers over the years, I am always happy that they are so down to earth and so approachable. I refuse to name any artists but I have noted unusual themes that I connect with some with whom I have met. Being a discreet single, heterosexual Christian, I choose to keep my thoughts private.

As a Director of a Company inspiring original recipes, poetry, and small books, I have grown into my role and have come to appreciate that if are able to use our voice for inspire others then we have done a good job.

May you all have a blessed weekend.

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