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Cyborg soldiers - what next? CBN News

The USA, China and France as well as other countries are seeking to create super soldiers - cyborgs - a mixture between humans and computer implants in the brains, eyes and ears of soldiers to make them more powerful.

How ethical are these intentions?

Will the soldiers have a choice about whether or not they become cyborgs?

We only have to look to what happened in the second world war with the German government under Hitler, undertaking eugenics experiments.

Is that really where the military is heading??? If humans are coerced into accepting computer implants without informed consent - what next?

Prophetic prouncements are HOLY HOLY HOLY!


FlashPoint: New Prophetic UPDATE! with Lance Wallnau, Hank Kunneman, and Mario Murillo- Mar 3, 2021 (Youtube) - how we can be disappointed by prophetic announcements. Stick with the Bible!

Be afraid - very afraid!


CBN NewsWatch AM: March 2, 2021 Report on super soldiers.

Interestingly even future super soldiers will not be able to stand against the Messiah and the angelic armies who are coming for the righteous at Armageddon!

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