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Each scripture is an Iceberg - 90% of its meaning is hidden

Have you found a Pearl of High Value?

The public talk held today - will be held worldwide prior to the Memorial Talk next week, was heart felt, delivered with godly passion. Unfortunately it is not humanely possible to have a deep Bible discussion in 30 minutes. Each scripture is an iceberg - by referencing the scripture only is like looking at the part of the iceberg that is above the sea level. Now this is in no a way a criticism. It is an observation that we humans who are made in God's and his son's image (Yahweh & Yeshua), have the capacity for deep spirituality and reflection. If one takes one scripture and analyses it deeply it could take many hours.

It is said that only 10% of an iceberg is visible above the surface. In order to appreciate the depth of an iceberg we would need to deep sea dive in the ocean. In order to appreciate the depth of each Bible verse we need to deep sea dive into the height, depth and width of God's wisdom and that takes diligence and passion!

I reflected simply on one verse MARK 5:39 - of the talk. Whenever the Bible translators chose certain words over others to give clarity of thought to the verse we should pay attention. Some people who read the Bible on a superficial face value level - read the scripture and just think - Yeshua 'told' the storm off and the storm settled. A deeper Bible student such as myself - questions why the translator chose to use the word 'rebuked' the storm? Not being satisfied at a superficial answer - takes several hours of study.

The definition of the word 'rebuke/d' suggests that a rebuke is a statement which demonstrates disapproval of someone - well just who is the someone??? The storm is simply a storm - or is it? Could it be on a deeper study of the scripture and the surrounding verses - that the storm may have had a supernatural element to it. After all Saran was given power over Job, God's faithful servant, and Satan created a series of supernatural events, some of which involved elements of nature, fire, a mighty wind - which destroyed both man and livestock - JOB 1:16-19. Could it be that perhaps, the enemy of God's son, stirred up a storm with the hope of unsettling the disciples and Yeshua - but the enemy was defeated with a REBUKE! Could it be that the rebuke was aimed not at the storm but at the power behind the storm a supernatural demonic spirit - Satan or one of his henchmen? It is possible.

In 2021 we need to be more savvy that whilst not every storm or disaster or test is from Satan or his demonic supporters - there is an increase in demonic activity and natural disasters, some of which are directly influenced by the demons and some which are just a result of the sign of the times. The rise in wickedness, earthquakes, famines, wars - personal wars and literal wars, rise of false prophets etc are a sign of the times - remain alert!

If we can set aside 1 hour a week to study one scripture deeply it will be the best investment in ourselves and our eternal future. We will not be disappointed.

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