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False Prophets and Visionaries Condemned

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Before I started the prophetic book of Ezekiel - I thought I would struggle to connect with the the prophet's style of writing. Mindset switched to seek out inspiration - I re-discovered chapter 13 about what false prophets are about and why they are condemned by Yahweh.

Every day I turn to the internet to read the latest information on prophetics. There are so many men and women from different countries and denominations who claim to have seen visions, claim to have had prophetic dreams, some even boldly claim to have had personal revelations from God.

DEUTRONOMY 18:23 - it shows that if a prophet proclaims that they are appointed by God - in this day and age - they are fooling themselves. God appoints prophets, prophets do not appoint themselves. If what they prophesy does not accord with God - there are false. Even when it seems to be close to God's word - their prophecies may come from a demonic supernatural source of divination.

EZEKIEL 13 Many prophesy are deceivers - and prophesy not from God but from their own imaginations. Many claim to have seen visions - I do not doubt that many have had such experiences, however from which source do those visions originate - are they miraculous or magic/occultist in origin? This chapter is candid in its estimation of many of these so called prophets' pronouncements - they are lying and there have not been sent by God.

How else can we measure whether these 'prophets' are authentic - Do they believe in the one true God :Yahweh or do they believe in a false trinity doctrine. If they believe in the trinity - they are not prophets from God. If their worship includes idolatry - statutes, symbols which are linked to pagan origins, then they are not prophets from God - God's word from the 10 commandments onwards, condemns idolatry - EXODUS 20:4.

If any so called 'prophet' is living a double life - committing immorality, then he would not have been given any prophetic words from God.

Another test of whether a 'prophet' is from God or Satan, is whether they believe in the Bible. If they believe in the inspired word of God and keep its commandments - they may well have the ability to interpret scripture accurately and with zeal - however it is doubtful that any individual today has been appointed as a prophet of God to the nations.

The information contained in God's word is sufficiently prophetic enough for us to be lead safely up to the great tribulation and beyond into the new world at the the second coming of Christ.

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