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Gene Editing - what a fascinating subject!

The first time that gene editing is documented in GENESIS 6:1-4 of the Old Testament. Only it is gene editing by supernatural angelic demonic creatures who slept with women and produced the hybrid Nephilim. God Almighty was so incensed at the moral corruption brought about by this unauthorised editing of his creation of humankind that He decided to wipe this defective breed of humans off the face of the earth. The global deluge was designed to do just this.

Spiritually and ethically - I am of the view that much good can be accomplished by scientists researching cures for genetic and other causes of illnesses and diseases, in an attempt to eradicate them. What I am fearful of is the extent to which their ambitions may take scientists who lack ethics. In China, one scientist was jailed when he created 'DESIGNER BABIES' - twins who he hoped would become resistant to HIV. Whether you call the process gene editing, or by its technical term germ-line editing, healthy twins were born in China. Time will tell whether they thrive, let's hope so.

Today I woke up super excited that I could send a question directly to a neuroscientist that I admire - Andrew Huberman, however I do not expect that he will have time to answer me personally, as he will have so many fans of his work. I love the way in which he simplifies science for those of us that are not NERDS!

I wish all the scientists all the best with their ethical research projects. When so much money is being pumped into Covid-19, there may be other projects that suffer. I also wish to congratulate Dr Pasca on his award into schizophrenia research.

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