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Gordon Bach - Videographer that comes highly recommended!

Gordon Bach

Gordon Gronbach - Cameraman, Video Editing & Videographer http://www.gordongronbach.co.uk

This week for the first time - being a technophobe - I ventured to hire a professional Camerman/VIdeographer to record a 30 second promotional video for upcoming World Book Day and International Jazz Day 2021.

He was professional, polite, conversational and clearly very knowledgeable. He had just arrived from a short shoot with the Duke and it made me smile because I am a fan of the royal family.

I think they are such stoical people and a provide wonderful examples of how to keep calm and carry on!

Gordon Bach is very experienced and often works for ITN. That made me smile as I do not watch any tv except for excerpts on Youtube. Neither do I own a mobile phone - one day I will be dragged gently into the 21st century until then I remain in happy bliss!

I am clearly a novice when it comes to self promotion but Gordon Bach was so lovely to work with - so here I am sending out a big Thank You!!!

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