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Inspirational reading for Therapeutics - Counselling for Toads - Robert de Board

Why I love Counselling for Toads, based on the animated characters of Wind in the Willows ...

Such a simple concept - yet so effective. A book about counselling seen through the eyes of fictional animated characters - Toad of Toad Hall et al.

Learn all about the Transactional Analysis tools of Eric Berne - how we all have their ego states - Parent, Adult, Child - which we bring into all our transactions or interactions with others. Some of the ego states are helpful, some unhelpful depending on the context and who we are dealing with.

A simple way to understand this effective therapy tool is to read the book and to look up some of the instructional videos on Youtube - it will transform the way you think about transactions with others.

Counselling for Toads by Robert de Board | Waterstones


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