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Kindred spirits love to walk and talk.

Today, I went for an hour walk after being harassed by a builder, who quoted one price and then demanded double!

I stood my ground and agreed to pay the price stated. The moral of the story is always get builders to put things in writing.

A learning curve on both sides - I am not upset with the builder I just feel that one business partner gave me one price and the other partner changed the price by double!

Anyway went for a lovely walk and met a lovely gentleman and started chatting about the famous London Walks of which my favourite is Little Venice - https://www.london-walking-tours.co.uk/

He used to be a guide for one of the London walking tours and also researches information about the famous blue plaques that adorn the walls of many London homes. Interestingly we live in Surrey and locally there is a blue plaque on St James Road in Riddlesdown, celebrating the life of Peter Cushing, famous Hollywood actor - https://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/blue-plaques/peter-cushing/

As most of my conversations usually turn to music - we started chatted about Motown and some of the old artists and about some of the London artists who used to live in Brixton including David Bowie, who used to live near the kindred spirit I met and they used to all hang out in the local haunts.

Having a shared love of National Trust properties - I used to have membership of the National Trust and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Single Membership is less than £100 annually and is worth paying for. I attended the Alexander McQueen - Savage Beauty exhibition three times and was moved to tears - it was so visually stunning!

Westerham, is a little village that is local and is famous for Chartwell, the former home of Sir Winston Chruchill and Mrs Clementine Churchill and the family, the former Prime Minister of England, UK - https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/chartwell

Other great things about London, apart from the Shard, the Gherkin, St Paul's Cathedral, Westminster Cathedral, BT Tower is the 606 Club Jazz Club, Ronnie Scotts and The Pheasantry.

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