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Maverick or Disrupted Inspirational Leader?

Moses, the son of a Hebrew slave in Egypt, adopted by the daughter of Pharaoh, raised in the palace, no prospects of becoming Pharaoh, instead chosen by Yahweh as a Spiritual Leader.

Looking through my morning Financial Times, I felt inspired by an advertisement on Euronews to a program on Disrupted Leaders? Intrigued by the title, I went on to the website and immediately felt inspired. The wonderful mindset liberating mindset of Europeans, who value different types of resilient unconventional leaders -

Euronews website link


Disclaimer - I do not necessarily endorse all the views in the article. It is posted merely to encourage debate.

I reflected on the leaders I admire in the Bible and individuals such as Moses, Yeshua, Paul etc were all unconventional. What does that teach us about Yahweh.

Yahweh has to be the most unconventional., loving, wise and kind God ever! Even unconventionals are acceptable to him, if they have faith and a pure heart.

Leadership - by those who are unconventional is to be encouraged, often such leaders have innovative ways of being creative.

As a unconventional creative Director, I am inspired by other unconventional creatives, hence the name of my company - FDH Loves Creativez (Ltd).

I have set myself the deadline of writing the sequel to my 'Peace, Love & Jazz!' coffeeshopread - starting tommorrow -

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The ways in which I find inspiration, whilst battling Covid-19, a mild form, is by reading the FT, the Bible, listening to jazz and other music. copious amounts of coffee and the occasional animation on Youtube (Christian), or an end time prophecy video or some other Biblically influenced program.

2 CHRONICLES 16:9 - God is roving about the earth. seeking those whose heart is complete toward Yahweh.

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