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Mystery solved - Identity of the Ancient of Days revealed in scripture

Who is the Ancient of Days - Who is the Son of Man?

(NIV Purple Journalling Bible)

How are we helped by DANIEL 7:9-14 to understand the distinction between the Son of Man, who is like a son of man, human like but not human but also of divine nature. PHILIPIANS 2:5-11 is clear that Yeshua is elevated after his martyrdom and resurrection by Yahweh, God the Father, to a position higher than any other being in heaven. Yeshua is made a servant of God Almighty and therefore cannot be equal to God Almighty. We are encouraged to have the mindset of Yeshua - one of humility.

PSALM 110:1-2 demonstrate that following his ascension to heaven, Yeshua, the son, is promoted to the right hand of God, until God places Yeshua's enemies - Satan and the demons - beneath him - thrown out of heaven and cast down to earth. This event occurs once Yeshua and his angels battle with Satan and his demons in heaven - REVELATION 12:9-12 and they are victorious over the demons.

DANIEL 7:9 demonstrates clearly that in heaven there exists thrones, thrones as in plural. God's throne being the most important throne, Yeshua, sits at the right hand of God - clearly not on the same throne because the Ancient of Days - God Almighty Yahweh is superior to Yeshua. It should not be surprising to God's people that there exists a hierarchy in heaven.

God Almighty has no beginning and no end. Yahweh has always existed. Yeshua, on the other hand had a beginning. Yeshua is referred to as the beginning of God's creation - COLOSSIANS 1:15, PROVERBS 8:22.

If Yahweh is God Almighty and Yeshua, his son, now elevated to status of the Archangel and the holy spirit is the power of God Almighty, available to Yahweh's servants - then all true Christians must reject the Trinity as a fictitious doctrine. It came into existence in the 4th century.

Believing in the Trinity can only lead to disappointment - believing in Yahweh as God Almighty, and praying to God through Yeshua as the mediator, pleading for the power of God's holy spirit will be rewarded with wisdom and knowledge. If that individual goes on to exercise faith in Yahweh and Yeshua, as encouraged to do in JOHN 3:16, then everlasting life is opened up to them regardless of their colour, social status, economic position etc.

These scriptures are honest and trustworthy - therefore what does God's prophetic word say for the future?

DANIEL 12:1-4 shows us clearly that those instructed from heaven will become wise and shine. Let us all embrace the mindset of Yeshua, cultivate humility, get down on our hands and knees and implore God's favour as we are deep in the end of times.

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