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People judge by outward appearance ... God judges by the heart - 1 SAMUEL 16:10

Those words immortalised in the Old Testament of the Bible - are so comforting.

During the pandemic, some of us who have been WFH Monday to Sunday, may have been comforting eating a doing a little less exercise than we should. Whilst I am an advocate of healthy living - I do not subscribe to the view that 'skinny' is desirable, if that is not your natural shape.

As a woman of colour, I have learnt to love my curves and celebrate being older, wiser and a bigger dress size or two then when I was a teenager.

Contemplating on the above Bible verse, I thought to myself with International Women's Day almost upon us - why do humans beat themselves up so much if they do not conform to some vision of a goddess or god - as posted on these various social media sites. Those ideals are not necessarily for everyone and yet many still struggle with feeling of low self esteem about their weight, height, their appearance.

God loves us, forgives us and saves us - irrespective of our skin colour, weight, height or appearance.

At my lowest weight, suffering from anorexia, I weighed less than 6.5 stones and at my heaviest, after I had a been on medication, I weighed nearly 12 stone and was morbidly obese. Now my weight is comfortable and although, when I look in the mirror, I think to myself, that I could do with losing a few pounds here and there - I am content.

When I think about Yeshua/Jesus/Isa - I am spiritually cognizant, that his appearance is never discussed in the Bible. We are told that just before his martyrdom, the Messiah was clothed in purple and a crown of thorns placed upon his head, but apart from that the details are sketchy.

I thought long and hard about why our appearance, other than being neat, tidy and modest, is not of the utmost important to God, but our heart is!

Let's try to remember to seek out hearts and not judge by mere appearance.

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