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Praying for a male life partner according to scripture

Praying for a life male life partner?

I have questioned why - as I get older - I gravitate towards IRELAND and the IRISH rather than any other nation. I automatically feel at home with the IRISH. I instantly identify more with the IRISH than any other nation and often joke to my elderly mother that I would like to marry an IRISH gentleman.

On the subject of prayer and whether it is acceptable to pray to meet a kindred spirit of the marrying kind - I reflect on the scripture - pray without ceasing! ROMANS 12:12.

There are many scriptural examples when servants of God prayed for their offspring to meet a capable partner and God blessed their prayers and so I am encouraged, that if I am patient, I can pray to meet a single gentleman, with the qualities that are complimentary - irrespective of his nationality, although there is nothing wrong with stating a preference, after all we all have preferences.

God in some scriptures advocated certain marriages among people of inter-faiths and of different cultures - as long as it was for the outworking of his purpose - Book of Esther.

Here's to meeting kindred spirits and my future life male partner!

How do the scriptures treat marriage in the prophetic sense?

In the future the bride of Christ will get ready to meet the bridgegroom Christ so that the heavenly figurative marriage can take place in heaven. The wonderful union is designed to be everlasting as that is God Yahweh's standard for marriage - REVELATION 19:6-9.

Although we may not be invited to observe that future celebration - we will nevertheless rejoice when all things have taken place to God's glory on heaven and on earth.

People often view rings as a symbol of owership - it is a worldly perspective.

I have always prided myself on having bought all of my own jewellery, however one day I look forward to sharing with my future husband the sharing of rings as a sign of our love...

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