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I await with sadness the verdict in the US legal system about a police officer being tried for murder of George Floyd. Whatever the outcome of the trial, it is heartbreaking for all involved.

Heartbreaking for Mr Floyd's family. Whatever the verdict delivered - it will not back their loved one.

Heartbreaking for a police officer, his team, the police force all over the USA - whatever the verdict - and a wish to turn back the clock.

Heartbreaking for the police officer's family, who dearly love the former police officer.

Heartbreaking for the world.

Heaven also looks on, heartbroken.

In the legal system in many countries - there is the presumption of innocence until the verdict is delivered. That part of the legal system should be respected by all.

The most famous trial in history of a man - hailed as a hero one minute, and denounced as a blasphemer the next. I do not wish to compare the former police officer to Yeshua, it is merely the legal process that I am comparing.

Yeshua was denied the presumption of innocence and was treated appallingly.

Let's not forget - in a civilised country the former police officer, in spite of whatever footage is shown during the trial, starts off with the presumption of innocence.

Although feelings will run high all over the globe - about what occurred, I have never seen the footage. I remain neutral, and will await the verdict of those who will sit in the courthouse and listen to the evidence presented and weighed up.

Yeshua was mistreated by the religious misleaders, the High Priest et al, mistreated by the then reigning monarch Kind Herod Agrippa, and treated more equitably by Pontius Pilate who found him innocent. It was the wicked crowds baying for blood, despite Yeshua's innocence that led to his martyrdom. The Messiah Yeshua remained calm throughout his trial and merely advised the Roman Procurator, that he would have had no power or authority over Yeshua, unless it had been granted to him from above, heaven.

I have prayed for all in affected because all deserve to be treated compassionately. I pray for those who need to exercise repentance, those who need to exercise restraint and most of all for those who need to eventually come to a place of forgiveness - perhaps the hardest journey of all.

MATTHEW 26 -27 describes Yeshua's betrayal, his arrest, his mistreatment and torture, his illegal trial at the hands of the religious misleaders, and his eventual condemnation to the death penalty. MATTHEW 27 describes his martyrdom.

There have been many throughout history who have been innocently tried, and executed.

There have also been many throughout history who have been convicted justly.

I will remain prayerful that the American people can maintain a sense of dignity throughout the next month and not turn to lawlessness as they did after the tragic death of George Floyd.

We all sinners - he or she or ze without sin cast the first stone.

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