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Prisoners of War (metaphorically) in a wicked world

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

We are all POWs in Satan's world

The book of Isaiah never really held much appeal to me before I started reading it aloud with a prayerful mindset and a healthy dose of holy spirit from Yahweh, granted courtesy of the intermediary Yeshua, through whom all prayers are delivered.

2 CORITHINANS 4:4 helps us to appreciate that the Devil is the ruler of this wicked world and therefore he blinds the minds of unbelievers and is the chief master of anti-god and anti-christ propaganda.

The Devil holds us all as POWs - physical prisoners of war but if we have had our hearts, minds and souls, illuminated with the good news of Yahweh and Yeshua then we are liberated spiritually - JOHN 8:32.

Everyday - 24 hours a day - we are in a spiritual warfare which it is wearisome but we can conquer and remain faithful if we become proactive and put on the full spiritual armour as advised in EPHESIANS 6:11-18.

Prayer is an essential part of our spiritual armour - ROMANS 12:2.

As a home owner, I appreciate a clean home, however it requires action to maintain it. I also appreciate that if we are to be considered to be a spiritual temple, then our minds and bodies must be clean. What we choose to read, what music we choose to listen to, what films and animation we watch, our associates we choose, the amount of time we spend reading the Bible and preaching, and our general outlook demonstrates whether we are in the Christian faith or whether we are simply observers.

In this spiritual warfare - we can be conquered easily - if we forget any part of our spiritual armour and if we become battle weary.

Reading and meditating on the book of Isaiah recalibrated my mindset spiritually and now I really love this prophetic book. It was as if the prophet Isaiah was in the same room speaking to me and I appreciated the folly, the irrational thinking mindset of a person who creates their own idols literally as a carpenter or a blacksmith would, or as a person who creates an metaphorical idol of themselves, money, sex, career, celebrities, etc.

I worship at the shrine of NO-ONE except Yahweh. i have a healthy respect for the important role played by Yeshua, his son, however I do not direct any worship to the son of God. Yeshua is clear, it is written you must worship God, Yahweh alone - MATTHEW 4:1-11.

Favourite scripture from ISAIAH 51. The word oppression was the word that I mediated on and instead of paying attention to those who throw insults and criticise my faith or my devout celibate moral lifestyle - I find such individuals oppressive and I have learnt, today, not to succumb to their oppression - its all about mindset - my mindset is of a FREEDOM FIGHTER. Yahweh and Yeshua have freed me from spiritual falsehood, from toxic associates, from worldly satanic mindset, from my own insecurities.


The future for all believers is bright - in terms of eternal salvation- if we endure faithfully to the end - MATTHEW 24:13.

Persecution is intensifying and will continue to do so leading up to the great tribulation and beyond - REVELATION 12:17.

Armageddon will see God's victory against his enemies and then we will no longer be literal prisoners of war as the Devil's world will have been destroyed forever!

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