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Purplelinacoffeeangel's Ode to a departed friend April 2021

To the one who also loved Purple composed by Francesca Darien-Hyde LLB MA to you and your loved ones of the things we loved in common.

Love of architecture

Love of space

Love of hospitality

Love of grace.

Fiercely independent

Colouring our hair deep purple

The ultimate act of freedom

Sticking to the Bible whilst rejecting all falsehood from Christendom!

Dearly beloved Marni as you await the resurrection call of the Messiah

Loved ones waiting to welcome you back, Satan proved a liar!

After your sister died, dear Marni you became battle weary yet remained battle strong

Of this world (Satan's) you did not belong

Seeking shelter in the secret place of the Most High

The hope of everlasting life spring eternal, it will never die.


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