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Silence is golden - The mindset where confidentiality is respected.

At times secular philanthropists advertise their charitable deeds, gifts of mercy, and visits to those less fortunate.

Yeshua/Jesus/Isa, the son of God, was the greatest philanthropist that walked the earth, yet his advice to us mere mortals was 'not to blow your own trumpet' when giving gifts of mercy - Sermon on the mount - MATTHEW 6:2.

The Messiah did not want any of us followers to think more of themselves than is necessary. If we are in a position to be generous and or we are motivated to give to others, then to be cognizant that our Creator looks favourably upon us is enough praise in itself - there is no need to go around advertising our charitable donations or deeds.

There are occasions when a confidential visit, whether in connection with the spiritual or business endeavours is best kept confidential.

Yehusa/Jesus/Isa, respected Nicodemus' confidential meeting request at night, so that Nicodemus a man held in high esteem by the Pharisees, working on behalf of the Jewish Sanhedrin legal system, could open up to him and present his questions freely. In this informal Q&A session between two spiritual leaders, one secular and one divinely appointed, the subject of what it means to be reborn was raised by and explained by the great teacher/rabbi, the Messiah. Details of this meeting would only be made public decades afterwards so that Nicodemus would not suffer any ill effects professionally and he would be at liberty to pursue the 'Way', which was the name given to the ideology/religious belief system that we now refer to as Christianity - JOHN 3.

Nehemiah in his professional capacity as governor to Judea, under Persian King Artaxerxes, carried out a visit to Jerusalem, before the city was rebuilt. No-one was told about the visit because of the opposition to the project. In employment situations, or when we work for business enterprises, we are sometimes asked to abide by a confidentiality agreement. Today within the churches, pastors, vicars, priests, elders, are not permitted to divulge certain pieces of personal information about their congregants without written permission. If a person leaves the church or organisation, that permission would be revoked, because they are no longer part of that organisation.

Nehemiah had the blessing of the King, to undertake and support the rebuilding work, despite the opposition and state sponsored propaganda against the Jews - NEHEMIAH 1-2.

If we break confidentiality and it causes the business or our employers professional losses or a loss of reputation, then legal action often pursues.

In this day of social media - people have chosen not to educate themselves of the law. Ignore of the law is no defence. Confidentiality should be respected and children and teens should be taught this principle from an early age. In China 2021, there are some religious organisations whose churches have been disbanded due to the political climate in China. Members of those churches are discredited and their neighbours spy on them - with state approval.

Christians worldwide are preparing for the greatest spiritual war of our lives - persecution is coming to all Christians globally - MATTHEW 24:9-12. Let's start by being protective of other people's information. Many have died, and been beaten without mercy and refused to give details of the individuals connected to their Christian brotherhood. May we similarly hold up under pressure, remembering that enemies may originate from our own households.

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