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State sponsored propaganda - over 2 thousands years old - Ezra chapter 4 Old Testament.

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

The temple of Jerusalem was rebuilt - despite anti-Jewish opposition - Yahweh's victory.

It has been amazing the revelations in scripture and the increase of insight since I purchased the more contemporary easy to read Bibles, both purple - the colour which represents spiritual visionaries according to the Aura colour websites.

In today's reading of the Old Testament book of Ezra, a contemporary scribe and priest of Nehemiah, governor of Judea, subject to the Persian monarch Artaxerxes, a letter was sent by some government officials, opposed to the rebuilding of Jerusalem's temple by its exiles.

Here we witness an extraordinary example of anti-Jewish opposition by the government. In order to discourage and hold up the rebuilding of the temple by the Jews, the officials wrote to the Persian monarch complaining that the Jews would revolt and refuse to pay their taxes and that the rebellious inhabitants who had returned would dishonour the King.

This propaganda message was sent in an official letter - it had its desired effect and the King was misled. Artaxerxes ordered the rebuilding of the temple of the Jews to be halted until he had the matter investigated. Temporarily discouraged, the work on the temple was halted - EZRA 4:11-24.

Yahweh's plans always come to pass. No opposition can stand in the way of His will being accomplished.

Nehemiah, prayed a silent prayer in his heart before approaching King Artaxerxes, and Yahweh, the God who builds bridges and motivates hearts of monarchs when He so chooses, blessed the heart of both and Nehemiah was granted safe passage to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and the King even provided the best materials for the rebuilding project.

The lesson of the account - Never underestimate the will of God - NEHEMIAH 1, 2:3-17. The building work resumed and the temple was restored to its former glory.

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