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The mastermind behind global persecution and genocide - Is it of human or supernatural origin?

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Armageddon - good news for those that love God

Whilst I am not indifferent to human suffering - I am neutral to politics! On the surface this may appear to be a contradictory statement. It is not. Like Yeshua/Jesus/Isa - I am in the world but am not part of the world - which means I do not look to the world leaders to solve mankind's problem - I look to the Creator's divine intervention which will occur in the future at Armageddon - REVELATION 16:16.

State sponsored persecution and or the state turning a blind eye to persecution

The plight and persecution of the Rohingya, Uighurs, and the Christians being slaughtered in Nigeria (genocide- the killing of people due to their faith, sexuality, and or nationality), are examples of state sponsored human suffering and exploitation. For those of us who believe we live in what the Bible refers to as the end times, or the last days, genocidal world leaders does not come as a surprise, they have existed over the centuries of mankind's history.



In the days of Moses - Pharoah decreed genocide against the male Hebrew children. This infanticide was averted by the kind Hebrew midwifes, Shiphrah and Puah - EXODUS 1.

In the days of Yeshua/Jesus/Isa - King Herod decreed genocide/infanticide against male children from the newborn to 2 years old MATTHEW 2:16-18. Whilst the life of the then future Messiah was saved, the other children were not so fortunate.

Who was behind the genocide and infanticides - they were always God's human enemies, motivated by God's arch enemy in the spirit realm - Satan et al.

Think of the Hitler and how the charismatic world leader succeeded in his party's genocidal attack against Jews and many other others. What influenced Hitler - many are surprised to learn that his ideologies was rooted in the occult, fuelled by the philosophical writings of Helena Blavatsky - https://hauntedoc.com/the-occult-history-of-the-third-reich/

It does not take much to guess at how is the mastermind power behind the occult and who cheers genocidal world leaders on from the sidelines.

Victims of the Holocaust




Divine Intervention

At times divine intervention prevents the death of God's destined servants who have been pre-ordained to fulfil a specific role in the saving of the nation of his people and or those who have a message to proclaim. Look at Queen Esther, a Jewess, who Jewish ancestry was hidden from the Persian King Artaxerxes (Ahaseurus). and who deposed Queen Vashti, to become the means by which the Jews were saved from genocide.

Second coming of the Messiah

Who can tell what twists and turns there will be as we head to the second coming of Christ - what we can be sure of is that there will be more examples of lawlessness and genocide. God's people and all those that will eventually join God's people have to prepare for persecution. Global mindset's have changed with the advent of Covid-19, this is just the beginning. Hold on it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Is the pandemic a sign of the times - just look to the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse and the devastation that was predicted over two thousand years ago - REVELATION 6.

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