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Thelonious Monk - a Jazz favourite!

Simply adore the improvisational playing of Thelonious Monk. The piano is my favourite instrument. I regret not learning to play when I was younger!

Not many people are aware of the genius that is Thelonious Monk, his journey to fame and notoriety somehow fits within the political and social context of its era. Spotted playing by a Baroness, she simply fell in love with him and the music and became his patron.

The book 'The Baroness' and the film of the same title make for an interesting read and if watching provide food for thought. Why is it that so many of the talented musicians had addictions to substances, whether that be illegal drugs, alcohol, women etc etc etc. It is almost as if many of them were hard wired to pursue a lifestyle that would eventually lead to their untimely death or professional undoing.

Thelonious Monk remained the genius until his death. He suffered from bouts of mental ill health and yet his Baroness Pannonica de Koenigswarter nee Rothschild, (named after a moth), stood by him.

Being an avid reader of research connected to Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and ethical debates on whether computer interfaces and the human brain are open to exploitation. There is lots of interesting research on the Law of Jurisprudence and BCI's (brain computer interfaces). Silicone Valley technocrats such as Elon Musk are paving the way for these interfaces - Neuralink.

Many years ago I read a book by the late Neuroscientist, Dr Oliver Sacks, 'The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat' - it is a fascinating collection of case studies where each client has been affected by a significant neurological injury and or illness and how it impacts on their entire lifestyles -


I am fascinated by the psychology of brain training. Research has confirmed that the human brain has an incredible plasticity to keep on making new connections and pruning connections where they are no longer needed. The more we exercise our brain cells the greater capacity we have for regeneration.

There is lots of exciting research in the arena of neuroscience, Youtube is a great source of information and videos. For brain science made easy - you might like to link into Dr Andrew Huberman -


Wishing you all happy exploring!

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