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VIP listens to our prayers when we are humble and sincere.

Many people wonder whether the Creator listens to all prayers. The simple answer is that God does not listen to all prayers. The Almighty is selective in whose prayers he chooses to listen to and whose prayers he chooses to reject. At times, the son go God erects a spiritual firewall between us and God so that our prayers do not reach their intended destination.

For example in a marital relationship, if a spouse mistreats another spouse - their prayers are hindered - 1 PETER 3:7.


JOHN 9:31 - God does not listen to the prayers of willful sinners - ie those who practise sin without being repentant.

God does not listen to the wicked.

Today the people of Israel has asked for the prayers of others. The truth is that all nations need our prayers as God intends to save people of all nationalities, languages and from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Certain groups of people are facing genocidal situations all over the world and they all need our prayers, just as the Jewish people needed the prayers of the people in the days of Queen Esther and Yahweh listened favourably and protected His people. The Rohingya, the Uighurs, Christians in Nigeria, and persecuted people all over the world need our prayers.

When we pray God has the opportunity of unleashing the most powerful energy in the universe to come to strengthen us - that power if God's holy spirit - it can change our thinking process, our motivations - it can even change our destinies - HEBREWS 4:12.

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