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What FDH Loves Creativez Ltd means to me!

As a child of the 70's, I inherited this rebellious genome, as a leftover from the roaring 60's! Always somewhat out of place and sync with many others. I had this innate passion to create, innovate. inspire and make a difference.

Having worked in various roles since I completed full time education in my early 20's, I knew that my academic brain would always be more valued than my creative brain and yet when the two come together for creative inspiration then my little rebellious child is delighted at the result.

I loved sewing, making clothes, learning a new language, cooking and creating new recipes, listening to music, attending the theatre, ballet, arts museums and reading. All these hobbies came together to form the creative being that I am and love.

As a black and white world citizen, I am like sponge, I soak up a plethora of influences around me and am addicted to learning! My family were not inspirational or that aspirational and so they never really got my entrepreneurial spirit and desire to explore newe things. I find it hard that so many negative, limiting people exist, I call them DREAM CRUSHERS! They are either spiteful and want to crush anyone with potential or they are so dead and without passion that they are simply dull to be around!

Over the years and years since I have pursued various business options, I have always looked for project names and company names that encapsulate who I am at that particular moment. Project names such as Purple Phoenix, Jazz Sophisticates, Purplelinacoffeeangel and my present one FDH Loves Creativez Ltd, stemed from my love of creating innovative projects - upcycling vintage, poetry, recipes, coffeeshopread books etc etc etc.

Simply put - FDH Loves Creativez stands for Francesca Darien-Hyde loves working on creative projects by myself and in rare intervals forming short work projects with other creative people. My business logo - heart at the front before the business name was designed by WIX.com for which I am grateful and I choose the colour black and white to represent my skin colour and my assertive and bold way of communicating with the world.

I hope you enjoy the links as much as I do.

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