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What is a Jew? ROMANS 2:28-29

From my perspective a Jew is open for debate -

I refer to myself as a spiritual Jew. My spiritual leader Yeshua was born from Jewish ancestry, lived as a Jew, was raised as a Jew by Jewish parents, taught in the Jewish synagogues and also disseminated ethical and spiritual guidelines applicable to persons of diverse heritages.

Yeshua was clear he came to fulfil the law - the Torah and not to destroy it. All those who refer to themselves as Christians today derive their faith from the Bible, which was written in Aramaic, Hebrew and Greek. The God Yeshua published was called Yahweh by the Jews, it remains his personal name today and I absolutely delight in using God's personal name when I pray audibly, which I do every day, as I find it draws me closer to my Creator.

Like many individuals globally, I also take note to remember the Passover, when Yahweh saved his people from physical and spiritual oppression. Prophetically, the same God will save his people in the future. The future is bright for God's people, The future is eternity.

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