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What is Agitprop?

As I leafed through Today's digital edition of the FT (1/3/2021) - I came across an article about the Chinese 'dissident' (not my adjective), Ai Weiwei's latest exhibition of works and reflected on my love of Contemporary Art, our individual interpretations of other people's art, and whether we can either be persuaded by the politics of art?

You decide ...

An interesting 21st century book about Propaganda Art was released in 2019 -


I think the question of whether art is persuasive in shaping our perception of the world is and our ideological framework is a question worthy of consideration and reflection. particularly for those of us how try very hard to remain neutral politically.

From my perspective art is everywhere.

My favourite type of timeless art will always be found in God's creation - NATURE ART - ROMANS 1:20 because by appreciating creation we can gain a greater insight into the the greatest, original, supernatural, spiritual, prolific, living artist for eternity - YAHWEH.

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