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What mountains teach us about the end times

Science of Sedimentology & The Bible - Faith Strengthening

Apart from being incredibly ascetically pleasing to the eye - mountains teach us so much about how our present planet has changed and how many important spiritual lessons were transmitted on these elevated places.

Mount of Olives - Sermon on the Mount - Chapters 5-7 MATTHEW - New Testament and Mount Sinai - EXODUS chapters 19-20.

One of my favourite works of art is from the Japanese artist Hokusai. of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Before I researched sedimentology and was enlightened by eminent geologists through virtual lectures and videos, research papers etc - I often wondered whether the global deluge, spoken of in GENESIS 7 was supported by science.

Happy to say - sedimentologists and geologists supports the Bible's perspective that a global flood occurred and completely changed the geological landscape of planet earth. Geologists and sedimentologists also speculate that this global flood may have been a cataclysmic event so that mountains above sea level were created automatically from earth from the ocean seabeds and that the marine fossils embedded in the rocks at the tops of the mountains originate from these very same seabeds.

The Himmalayas in China, house to the world's largest mountain, Mount Everest, were also probably formed as mentioned above.

GENESIS 1 - in the Bible's Old Testament - provides an account of the world's creation by a Creator, who uses a logical order by design.

GENESIS 1:6-8 - explains that the water expanse above the earth - the heavens/sky and the water expanse in the seas - the deep oceans.

During the flood - GENESIS 7:6, 10-12 explains that waters from the great deep burst forth (water from the ocean seabeds burst forth when the tectonic plates split and the waters reached incredible heights above normal sea levels), and the water from the heavens also burst forth and so the deluge was complete. Verse 19 -20 explains that the waters rose and covered the mountains which explains why many mountains have fossils embedded in their rock. It also helps explain why many of the mountains, such as those of the Grand Caynons, are composed of limestone, shale and mudstone - composites which originated in the oceans.

Looking to the future what do we learn about the end times - God, Yahweh, provided a sign that the earth would never be destroyed by a global deluge in the future - that sign equalled a rainbow - GENESIS 9:8-15.

The eschatological and apocalyptic book of REVELATION 16:16 is clear that a cataclysmic world event is on the way - at the end of time. It will affect the globe - none will escape its effect. It is referred to as the war of God Almighty - Armageddon.

Only 8 survived the flood, 8 adult, no children, no teenagers - ASTONISHING!

Only 8 people were judged as being righteous. Yeshua forewarns us that just as the days of Noah were, the end times will be. We are assured in REVELATION 7:1-9 that a great crowd of many peoples from diverse nations will survive the great tribulation and beyond, which provides us, living in the end times, with encouragement.

What must we do to be saved? The prophet ZEPHANIAH 2:3 encourages us all to - seek righteous, seek meekness, probably we may be concealed at the upcoming war, of day of God's wrath (Armageddon).

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