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Where was God when the soldiers slaughtered the priest's sons and grandsons in Eritrea?

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

I cried at reading about the senseless tragedy. If we, humans, endowed with God's qualities of love and compassion feel heartbroken at reading such news items, what on earth must it feel like for those poor Eritreans.

Every death is a heartbreak. But when those lives are snuffed out by senseless violence then I look to the supernatural demonic powers that influence such wicked behaviour. It is normal for one human to so hate another human without cause. The slaughtering of innocent people is a sign of the times - the increase of lawlessness as documented in the gospels - MATTHEW 24:3-13.

From my understanding of God Almighty - that Orthodox priest, devout believer, is so loved by God Almighty and the angels. Heaven and the angels are just as heartbroken as decent hearted human beings. God saw what occurred, he saw the hatred in the hearts and minds of those soldiers. BUT more importantly God sees the invisible satanic power that motivates such cruel atrocities.

On this occasion sadly, God Yahweh, choose to allow the priest's family to be martyred rather than step in - similar to the faithful man JOB - JOB chapters 1-2 - OLD TESTAMENT.

Job was bereaved of his 10 children in one day - the priest was bereaved of 6 members of his family in a day. Job was so heartbroken, he wanted to die. He remained faithful but at one point was so low he wanted to die. His friends offered little comfort. Eventually God spoke to Job personally and Job's reasoning was corrected kindly.

As to the question - WHERE WAS GOD - WHERE WERE THE ANGELS - they were looking on heartbroken, allowing the martyrdom, knowing that the loss, despite its devastation, would be a temporary one, even if it lasted decades, until the believer is re-united with his loved ones. Please be assured that the resurrection hope is a certainty - JESUS/YESHUA is the way and the resurrection. ACTS 24:15 provides us with the guarantee that there will be a resurrection.

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