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Why the resurrection hope is the only hope?

ACTS 24:15 - There will be a resurrection ...

For the Covid 19 victims who have died prematurely, to the innocent victims who have been killed by acts of wickedness, to victims of suicide, to casualties of war civilians, soldiers, - irrespective of how people pass on from this world to their grave - the resurrection hope is a GUARANTEE!

Yeshua will resurrect those who are in the memorial tombs to be reconciled with their families - not in heaven but the on the earth. Many will feel perturbed by hearing that their loved ones are no presently in heaven, it is because God of heaven, them to reunited with their families on EARTH. The planet was created for families to live on forever. God's plan has not changed - nor has his plan for salvation changed.

When our ancestors, Adam and Eve forfeited eternal life - God told them they would return to dust from they had come. He did not hold out heaven as a reward for their disobedience. He did not hold out a burning fiery hell of torment forever. Religious misleaders have wrongly instructed their flocks that 'all good people go to heaven' when they do not. Religious misleaders have wrongly instructed their flocks that the bad go to hell - when they die.

When humans die - they simply await a resurrection - if they are in God's memory.

Children should be with their parents - God wants parents to hold their bereaved children in their arms - that's why Yeshua resurrected the young son of the widow of Nain - if the boy was already in heaven, why would Yeshua rip him out of heaven to live back on the earth! Yeshua resurrected the boy to be with his mother on earth, thus showing how he will reunite families in the future on the earth - LUKE 7:11-15.

In another supernatural miracle Yeshua resurrected a young girl - LUKE 78:40-56 - returning her to family.

JOHN 5:28-29 - Do not marvel at this futuristic event when all those in the memorial tombs, graves, will hear the voice of Yeshua and come out to inherit eternal life or if they have sided with God's enemy Satan, to a everlasting destruction.

Can you imagine the resurrection parties that will be held in the new world order - we are currently pre-tribulation at the moment - moving towards the great tribulation - Armageddon is nigh!

God created the earth to be inhabited - ISAIAH 45:18 - with families - PSALM 37:11.

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