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Wishing you all good mental health and well-being.

This morning - the Financial Times was delivered at 3am. I usually start work anywhere between 5 and 7am Monday to Sunday. I turned to page 2 to read the headline about experts fearing the worst for people's emotional well-being because of the impact of Covid-19 and its repercussions worldwide.

Let me point out - that I am currently waiting for my vaccination shot and am confident that I will develop some kind of immunity to the virus and that remaining calm is the best way forward.

I write a lot about natural therapies and how by developing a therapeutic outlook can improve one's mental well-being almost overnight.

I encourage people to enjoy the first half hour to hour upon waking without mobile distractions. No phones, no tv, no radio. I spend the first hour listening to the natural birdsong - it's so relaxing.

An early morning walk and meditation stroll when there are few people out other than dog walkers is also very relaxing. If this does not suit your schedule, a lunch or evening time walk is also great for relaxation.

I love walking and observing nature and the seasons. There are plenty of green walks nearby - I love the plantation, the woods, the pond and parks locally. Embracing green forest therapy is cathartic -


Laughter therapy is also great fun - try watching animation, comedies or spend time with friends that have a great sense of humour.

Gentle Jazz, Relaxing Jazz on the wonderful social media site Youtube is always a pleasure - it is great music that can be played in the background, whilst working, without worrying subliminal messages floating into the brainwaves -


I cannot think of a better way to spend a weekend than relaxing at home reading the Financial Times especially their Life and Arts section. So informative and they have lots of excellent reading material suggestions. In these financially astute times, I recommend the subscription to the broadsheet, at the moment the Financial Times is offering 50% off its usual subscription price - https://subs.ft.com/

For those of us who appreciate the spiritual - there is always the GO-TO manual for life - the Bible. I love the contemporary versions such as the NIV Journal Bible, where I annotate the Bible as I read it entirely yearly. I also love the Passion Translation New Testament Bible. Its simple language is a god-send and it really does do what it says - it puts the passion back into the Bible, by passion. I mean passion as in agape love and passion for simplicity.

Have a lovely weekend.

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