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Yahweh as an artisan Potter - JEREMIAH 18

The prophetic book of Jeremiah - likens Yahweh to a potter who works with clay and moulds items as he pleases.

In the analogy - humans are likened to clay, clay vessels. Depending on how we respond in the hands of the potter, we become molded as vessels of honourable purpose or vessels fit for destruction - the choice is ours and our Creator honours our choice. If we listen, adhere to instruction and yield as instructed, we grow in wisdom. If we hardened our hearts to his wisdom - Yahweh's only option is to break us to pieces - as he would a vessel fit for destruction - JEREMIAH 18, ROMANS 9:21, 2 TIMOTHY 2:20.

Women are sometimes referred to as the weaker vessel - but this is meant in no way to demean women, the Bible verse is reminding husbands and others to show respect and honour to women/wives, as many have a sensitivity that is merely a reflection of how they are created. It is not to be seen as a defect, nor as something to be taken advantage of - indeed if anyone mistreats a 'weaker' vessel, I use it to also apply to men, who are also sensitive, then the one who is mistreating others and being cruel will have their prayers blocked to their Creator - so it is not to be taken lightly.

I have observed men, talking down to their partners in public - demeaning them with their words. I have observed mean spirited parents, shouting and humiliating their children in public. Humans all have strengths and vulnerabilities - so let's endeavour to be kinder! Yeshua, was so insightful, he saw beyond what most of are capable of - UNLESS we really become acquainted with the man of the Bible and learn from him and the way in which he loved others.

Love, agape love, is the characteristic which should be evident in Yeshua's followers but so rarely is present. As the end times draw nearer, the love of the greater number grows cold. Let's try to rekindle our love safely, in times of Covid-19 and beyond.


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